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Thank you to a strange gentleman🙏


It ’s hot every day even though it ’s already in mid-September😎
My second daughter, who is 1 year old, can walk a lot, so I would like to take her for a walk or a park, but it was too hot to be realized.

In the evening, it was finally cool and I was taking a walk with three children.
When we pass by a strange gentleman, he said 
“It ’s very hard to bring your three children together, but do your best! ! “
He encouraged me with a cheerful voice.
“do your best” resonated in my heart and I was about to cry.

When I was with my children, I was often told “cute” or “very hard”, but I was told for the first time that “do your best”.😀💖

Words can be both medicine and poisonas as in “Kotodama” that means word of power.
There is an elite who is a friend of my husband and is likely to appear on TV and novels.
That person came to Ehime with his family before, so we toured Matsuyama Castle etc.
The wife of the elite.
She was always smiling and she said to her children only positive word like as  “It ’s nice!” and “It ’s good!”.
Listening to those words all day, touching the beautiful heart of his wife, I felt very happy.😆
I thought that if such a lovely wife was waiting home, her husband would be healed and be energized for tomorrow.
I thought if I can speak as gentle words as possible, my husband and children will be happy and I will be happy, everyone will be happy🙌

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