Fishing Village Life

Daiban and second daughter

Because of the change of the season and tiredness, my children are getting sick one after another😔
I want them to heal quickly, play well, eat and eat.

The other day we went to my husband’s local festival.
There was the Kagura in a public hall,a dance dedicated to God.
And then a God(demon?) called Daiban have a child hold and dance.

The upper two children have already experienced, so I asked Daiban to dance with my second daughter.
The eldest daughter was crying a lot when she hugged Daiban.
Whether the eldest son wanted to sleep, he was enchanted by Daiban.
In the case of the eldest son, he wanted to sleep, so he entrusted himself to Daiban 👀
What about the second daughter?

After all she cried a lot😅
It is said that children who have been held by Daiban grow up well.
Therefore, it is very popular with people who grew up locally✨
As for how popular it is, a person married in a distant place such as Osaka will come back only for this day🙌
I don’t have such a festival in my hometown, so I thought it would be nice to have a local event.

By the way, the second daughter had been diagnosed with anemia previously.
We had kept her drinking iron for nearly three months, and she was cured when she had a blood test the other day👏✨
There are some things that are very good this month, but there are also things that I think are very disappointing, so I don’t mind.
It is difficult to be always happy🙂
Even if something unfortunate, I want to learn from it and improve my life!

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