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Favorite things of co-ops, KALDI, home appliances

My favorite product at the Co-op is Cafe Cappuccino ☺️
I usually eat everything deliciously, but for some reason I’m not good at artificial sweeteners.
Most instant cappuccinos and lattes contain artificial sweeteners😰
But this cappuccino doesn’t contain them, and when you pour hot water, the foam is really fluffy and delicious. ❗️ I like to mix hot water and milk in a 1: 1 ratio😆
co-op’s Cappuccino

I also like the piyochi sable of co-op products 💕
Delicious as good as cookies made by pastry shops😍
I think that it is the product that would never get tired because it has a crispy texture and just a good sweetness✨

piyochi sable

“Purpom sparkling juice”, non-alcoholic but looks like a wine bottle😌
I often see the article about products of KALDI on magazines but I have never seen about this products👀
The price is just around 500 yen and it is just right!
I love drinking it because I can’t drink alcohol for about 5 and a half years in pregnancy🙌
The photo is grape white, but personally I like grape red the most😃
There is also Apple.
It has a bitter taste and richness, so it is delicious!
I think that it can be enjoyed by both young and old because it has no strange taste👏✨✨
It makes me want to drink it if I don’t drink it for a while.
“Purpom sparkling”

⭐️Home appliances
The home appliance I think was the best I bought was a dishwasher!
When I was worried about purchasing, I consulted with a friend.
I was told that it would be better to buy the number of family members + α, so I bought a large one that could be placed tightly in the kitchen😀
This is the correct answer🙆‍♂️
I can’t think my life without a dishwasher.
The housekeeping time has become short, my hands aren’t chap in winter and can be washed cleanly.
it is perfect✨✨

Panasonic dishwasher

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