• Tsumoto Style

In order to make the fish we raise even more delicious,
Akasaka Suisan uses the "Tsumoto Style Ultimate Blood Removal" to finish the fish.

Fish blood contains ingredients that cause odor and spoilage.
By the normal blood removal process, only 50% of the blood can be removed.
The “Tsumoto Method of Ultimate Blood Removal” is a special skill that cleans and removes 99% of the blood by pouring water into the blood vessels.
Fish that have been bled at the capillary level using the Tsumoto Method can be stored for a longer period of time,
and the smell and bitterness of the blood is eliminated, making its taste much nicer.

How to prepare fish using the Tsumoto Method

①Insert the blade into the upper part of the fish’s gills and make a cut in the blood vessel under the spinal column.

②Make a slit in the tail and cut off the bone using the back-edge of the blade.

③ Fold the tail of ② and check the nerve hole and blood vessel.

④ Insert the special nozzle into both the nerve hole and blood vessel in ③ and inject water.

⑤ Use a hose to pour water into the break in the blood vessel in ① for about 3 seconds to bleed it out.

⑥Remove gills and internal organs, which are perishable.

⑥Remove gills and internal organs, which are perishable.

⑧Wrapped in absorbent paper and water-resistant paper, vacuumed, and packed.


The Reliable Skills of Certified Technicians

At Akasaka Suisan, we have two certified technicians whose skills are recognized by Mr. Tsumoto, the inventor of the Tsumoto Method.
Not only for draining the blood, we remove the parts of the fish that are perishable in order to enhance further preservation. The fish is then carefully packaged and sent to the consumers.


In recent years, the technique of maturing fish to enhance its flavor has come into the spotlight.
Fish prepared in the Tsumoto Method, which does not develop a blood odor or bitterness even after a long time, is a perfect match for this.
For starters, please try a piece of sushi with seared skin about a week-old Hakuju Sea Bream!

Enjoying fish prepared with the Tsumoto Method

Hakuju Sea Bream prepared in the Tsumoto Method can be purchased from the official Tsumoto Style Rakuten Market Store. You can also purchase fish prepared by Mr. Tsumoto himself here, so please be sure to have a look.