• Hakuju Madai Zero

The ultimate in sustainability
Hakuju Madai takes on the challenge of zero fishmeal.

It is our mission in the aquaculture industry to increase the limited marine resources.
However, conventional aquaculture technology consumes more fishery resources as feed than the weight of fish produced.
In order to protect the richness of the sea, Akasaka Suisan has produced sea breams without using fishmeal at all,
instead using feed made from vegetable protein. That’s what we call Hakuju Madai Zero.


How can we respond to the increasing demand as a producer?

(Off the coast of Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture, a new environmental initiative has started.)
Global demand for marine products has been increasing, with per capita consumption doubling compared with fifty years ago. Expectations for farmed fish as a sustainable marine resource is very high.


However, the reality is that the current aquaculture industry depends on natural resources. In case of the sea breams, about 4 kg of anchovy is required as feed material in order to grow them by 1 kg. *
* Calculated based on fishmeal yield 25%, fishmeal ratio 40% in feed, and thickening coefficient 2.5.

Making aquaculture more sustainable

In order to preserve the richness of the sea, Akasaka Suisan has started to nurture sea breams with feed made from vegetable protein, without using any water resources such as anchovy fishmeal. That is the Hakuju Madai Zero.

Meaningless if it's not delicious

Meaningless if it's not delicious
"It has the elegant taste of natural sea bream at its best.
"Refreshing aftertaste without bitterness or disturbing taste"
"Light, but not dry."
The above are just some of the comments from experienced cooks who have tried Hakuju Madai Zero.
If the taste is degraded, it doesn’t mean ‘progress’.
Akasaka Suisan, which has long been in direct contact with consumers and has listened closely to the voices of the people who eat our products, will continue to be the producer most concerned with taste.

Retaining the antioxidant power of Hakuju Sea Bream

The appeal of Hakuju Sea Bream is the antioxidant power of sesamin from white sesames.
Of course, we also use white sesames in the feed for Hakuju Madai Zero.
Please experience the freshness of Hakuju Madai Zero, which stands on already highly regarded both at home and abroad on Hakuju Sea Bream.

What we can do with sea breams

Most fish species need animal protein, such as anchovies, to grow. This attempt to feed the fish with zero animal protein was made possible by the omnivorous and robust sea breams.
We are proud to be able to raise the sea breams, that the Japanese people love so much, in close proximity to the sea, keeping the sea.