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"Yokozuna Hirame" of Akasaka Fisheries focused on safety, tastiness and meat’s thickness

Akasaka Fisheries breeds approximately 150,000 flounders at four aquaculture facilities and boasts No. 1 in Ehime Prefecture which is the third largest producer in Japan. For this reason, we can deliver our flounder all year round.
Today, with the technology developed through more than 35 years of aquaculture experience, it is possible for us to cultivate flounder with  tastiness, and No.1 thickness in Japan. That is our “Yokozuna Hirame”.

A clean and superb production environment achieves a high quality of fish meat

When buyers visit the facilities of Akasaka Fisheries, they say the same words. “The fish tank is clean and not smelly!” We, placing more employees than general aquaculture companies, strengthen our inspection and cleaning. In addition, for environmental protection, we are adding water quality-improver agent approximately 1ton regularly for more than 15 years. As a result, the survival rate of the flounder is also high, and the belly of the flounder that has been shipped is white and clear, and it is well received that it has no odor.

Acquired No. 1 thickness in Japan

Akasaka Fisheries also traded directly with restaurants such as sushi shops, and in the process, we learned what was required is "rich flavored flounder with thick engawa, the fin". Therefore, we have been passionate about how to make rich flavored flatfish, and have been making efforts for feed’s quality, feeding system, breeding environment and breeding technology for over 30 years. As a result, we made it possible to cultivate the thick flounder that is said to be the best in Japan by customers. Customers who process flounder also praise for its good yield rate.

Quality that can be realized by only experienced skills

Feeding of aquaculture flounders in onshore aquaculture, where all the flounders are visible, needs high ability. Even if we are particular about food and the environment, the result of flounder varies depending on the person’s skill to feed them.
In our company, only the flounder finished the feeding procedure by our president, who has been fed flounder almost daily for more than 35 years, can bear the name of "Yokozuna Hirame".
When shipping, we try hard not give stress to the flounder by sorting carefully quickly and accurately by the skilled employees.

Excellent efficacy of flounder

Abundant proteins

Flounder is high in protein and low in fat, so it is a fish recommended for those who are older and those who are concerned about body fat.

Also rich in nutrient potassium

The abundant potassium contained in flounder is a nutrient that acts to regulate the amount of sodium in the body and maintain the osmotic pressure between cells normally.

Large amount of Vitamin D

Vitamin D, contained in Japanese flounder, is an essential nutrient for strong bones and teeth formation and supports the body’s absorption of phosphorus and calcium.

Vitamin E is a solution of being sensitive to chill

Vitamin E is a nutrient that acts to reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood, and is effective in preventing arteriosclerosis and cerebral infarction.

Michelin Guide Ehime 2018, Special Edition Michelin Plate Restaurant
Sushi & Fresh fish cuisine Izumiya
Younger owner-chef: Mr. Daisuke Utsunomiya
Ten years ago he was back to Izumiya and now has been active after gaining experience in a restaurant in Matsuyama.

Previously, when it came to cultured flounder, most of their size was 1 kg. But Akasaka fisheries’ flounder is 2 kg in size and can be purchased in the same quality all year round, so it is very convenient and helpful for us, restaurant owners.
The characteristic of the taste is on its thickness, its texture and richly matured meat deserves the name of
"Yokozuna Hirame". Especially, engawa, fin parts are preeminent. Its freshness and texture will last longer than natural flounder. In addition, reputation of our guests is favorable and now a thin sliced sashimi of flounder has
become one of the popular menus.

Until now, we have served dishes mainly using a local brand fish "Okuchi Aji, horse mackerel", but from now I would like to establish some dishes made of "Yokozuna Hirame" from Akasaka Fisheries as one of the Billboard menu of Izumiya.

I am sure that it is only our restaurant (Izumiya) where you can enjoy fresh sashimi of flounder from Akasaka fisheries' Yokozuna Hirame by their ‘ordering and deliver on the same day system’. Please come to us to try its taste!