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The eldest son is the middle child

The eldest son looking at a book or looking for insects in the garden when at home.
Compared to a older sister who has a clear self-assertion and many requests, and a younger sister who always wants to be with me, I have a inpression that childcare of the self-contained eldest son doesn’t require time and effort😮

However, the other day, various coincidences overlapped, I spent a long time alone with my eldest son.
It was about three hours, but he who always play alone kept talking to me👀
He was smiling all this time😳✨
I regretted that he was always patient with pampering.

Even if parents are loving and raising their children, we don’t know how their children receive it.
To give an extreme example, the abusing parent insist that it was going to be discipline their children.
I can’t believe it, but I read a book that says they really think so.
I am worried that I may have misappropriated my children.
Anyone can choose friends and lovers, but not parents.

The other day, there was a lecture inviting a clinical psychologist at a children’s house event.
So during the question-and-answer session, I asked her a question that if parents had the wrong affection, could the child get back in counseling.

She said “If a parent does not have an appropriate relationship with the child, I will be counseling on how to recover and live by himself/herself when the child is about junior high school. The child is strong.”
I was relieved to hear that🙂
There is little I can do, but I want to keep smiling with my children.

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