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I wanna quit pointless humility


⭐️Recently, a group of dolphins appeared in Mikame Bay⭐️

It became cold in the morning and evening.
When we go to pediatrics today, there is a signpost about flu vaccinations and I’m worried about what to do this year.
For children, it is more than 6,000 yen per person with two vaccinations😓💦💦

The other day, there was an athletic meet for the two children😀
My child, who was so small, participates in the competition and dances so hard❣️
Compared to last year, I was deeply impressed that they grew amazingly.
I feel like an athletic meet is an event where we can feel the growth of our child.👏✨✨
It was a fun athletic meet, but when I went home and looked in the mirror, I was surprised ︎ The mascara has fallen down, like a panda under my eyes…Since when …Husband, you’ve been on the side and talking a lot with me, why don’t you notice it😂
I was really embarrassed by the failure like a teenager who just learned makeup、、、

By the way, I sometimes get compliments about my child.
At that time, I’m just answering something like “I don’t think that” or “They aren’t good at home.”
But that’s not a good answer at all, because I’m going to deny those who gave up and children😥
If my husband is praised me outside and said, “ No, ridiculous stupid wife, always angry at home, I’m really in trouble ”, even if it is true, the war will break out😡👊
When I am complimented about my family, I want to be careful so that I can honestly say “Thank you!

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