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Husband grandfather

What is the end of the year after Christmas?
Many say that as one gets older one year feels shorter, but I have no such feeling. 😅
I don’t have much memory this year.
I managed to spend one day a day. 🤣

Meanwhile, a major event this year was the death of her husband’s grandfather.
A refreshing person who laid the cornerstones of Akasaka Fisheries and loved to eat and enjoy delicious food with friends. ✨✨
I respected his wisdom of returning a driver’s license while still cheerful before his illness was revealed.

I was a newcomer at the Akasaka family.👀
I was very grateful that husband grandfather, who can be said to be the head of my family, gave me a farewell every time I returned my home town and he also loved our children very much.
I recall that he was still fine and hugging our children early this year and came to see us.
I’m sad of a time that won’t return, like the distant past, even though less than a year 😢

I hope everyone has a healthy next year!
By the way, the photo is of the elevator of Kagoshima Prefectural Office. 😀
I am looking forward to returning to my parents’ home Kagoshima soon.
I hope you all have a happy New Year holiday. 🙏

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