Fishing Village Life

Husband’s funny way of thinking

It’s been 7 years since I was married to Ehime Prefecture, but I am still overwhelmed by the beauty of the scenery.
Doesn’t it always feel like 4pm because the daytime sun doesn’t get bright enough in winter? ?
The gentle light is glittering, and the contrast between the sky and the sea, and the colors of the stepped tangerine fields, are beautiful.😃

By the way, as for the title, when my husband has a person whom he doesn’t get along with, he can’t hate that person by imagining a specfic situation.😌
What kind of situation he imagines is that the person is eating a homemade lunch.😹
I can somehow understand that feeling.
Even if there is a person you dislike, you may not be able to treat him badly if you think there may be family members and friends who care about that person.👀✨✨
So, when I quarrel with my husband, I say, “I also may be eating homemade lunch!”😈

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