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I want a red sea bream in a fillet state.

My husband filleted a red sea bream and brought it home😄

The half of the fish cut into three pieces is called Fillet, and the one with the unnecessary inner bone removed is called Loin.
Generally, fish are distributed in a loin state, but I want it in a fillet!
The reason is that the middle bone becomes delicious soup.♩

Position of the middle bone

 First, cut the bone and body.
Even if you cut too much meat with the middle bone, you can eat it later!

②Put it in boiling water (onions and other ingredients to be boiled are put in before it)

③boil it for 2-3 minutes and skim off the scum that rises to the surface of the cooking water.

④ When the meat is fully cooked, weaken the heat, stop boiling and mix with miso.
The high quality oil of the sea bream shines and is very delicious.

Completion ~ 😋
Boiled bones are remained, but you can eat the meat attached them and they are delicious so.
Be careful not to hurt the throat with bone.🙂

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