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Favorite books of our children

There are about 200 picture books and children’s books at my home.
We borrow about 20 books from the library every month.
This time, I would like to introduce a book that my children have repeatedly asked me to read.
I hope this will help.😀

Two children like this picture book that I borrowed from the library, and I was urged to borrow that picture book again.

The reason there are so many books is that each of the three children has a different book they like.😅
The eldest daughter, who is about five years old, is hooked on a book looking for difference. She also like long picture books compared to other children, and she reads a variety of books.
The second son, three years old, was reading(looking) a picture book when he had time from the age of one.
He used to read only vehicle books and now only fish books.
Curiously, he doesn’t seem to have much interest in animals.
The one-and-a-half-year-old second daughter loves sassy’s “Gao!” and Noriko Matsui’s “Jaja biribiri”, (I can’t post photos because the book has a lot of stickers by my kids)


Jaja biribiri

There are other books by the same author, but she loves this two exclusively.

Then, I think that the book we read the most is “Nenaiko Dareda(don’t want to go to bed.)” by Keiko Sena.😄
Children like a little scary story!
This book is also loved by the eldest daughter and the eldest son.✨✨

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