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My eldest son’s mysterious eczema and the story of a pediatrician.

 When I take my eldest son in a bath on Friday, there is a red bump on my whole body!
Armpits, belly, thighs, wrists, everywhere.
When I read the fainting page of the parenting book in my house, I wonder if it seems to be a problem…
But my eldest son has already been vaccinated against water sore. Why? ?

According to the parenting book, about 30 percent of the water-borne disease is affected even if it is vaccinated. Even if it has been lightened if it has been vaccinated, the second woman of 0 year-old child of unvaccinated at home is …
Anyway, I am going to pediatrics on Saturday morning.
As an aside, don’t you wonder if it’s time to go to pediatrics or dermatology?
If the skin is rough, I go to the dermatology department, but if it is an unknown disease, there is a possibility of a child-specific disease, and I have a stance of asking a pediatric teacher for guidance and then asking for instructions.
No parables.
I arrived at pediatrics at the same time as the hospital opening, but the parking lot is already full.
Wait for about 50 minutes and have a checkup, and what causes eczema? !

If you touch what you do, you can get eczema like this! !
I’m too scared.
Anyway, it was good not to be watery.
She was prescribed anti-allergic powder and anti-staining plaster, and the eczema became less noticeable in about three days.

By the way, my pediatrics.
The teacher is very enthusiastic and loves children, and it is a wonderful teacher.
Before the consultation, we will simulate how easy it is to communicate if it is explained so as not to burden the teacher as much as possible.
In a newspaper in the past, a doctor in a town devoted to community medicine read an article that had been closed for about half a year and was closed. Since I read the article, my pediatrician’s teacher feels that I want to see the children for a long time, and I am being consulted while thinking that I should take a rest if the teacher gets tired.
I am grateful to my teacher (: :).

The eldest son and eldest daughter playing with rafts2

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