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Days when children did not eat baby food


Do you have a mother who is troubled by your child not eating some baby food?

The second one was in the middle, the third did not eat baby food from the beginning, and there was a time when I was in trouble. I would like to write about that time this time.

I’m not an expert, so it may be bad or wrong, but it would be nice to be able to follow this process and start eating.



Second person

Weaning Initial and mid-term progress.

I will not eat any rice cakes or any other side dishes from about 11 months.

Since only white rice cooked for adults is eaten, I give it unstoppable and give ordinary white rice.

Food which can be eaten by hand, early stage of baby food, middle term, commercially available baby food, changing hardness of food, etc. Refuse even trial and error.

The public health nurse in the city, I ask for advice to mom friend, but it is blocked all the same as the above measures.

Spend only with white rice and breast milk for 2 weeks. Almost average height, weight is above average.

One day, I would like to eat beef stew made for adults if I would not eat it anyway.

After that, eat anything that has almost the same flavor as adult dishes.

There is no abnormality in flight or physical condition.

At the age of 2 years, although I am not good at peppers, spinach and eggplants, I have a good appetite without relatively fond of it.



Third person

Started from the day when it became six months. I do not eat at all.

Close your mouth tightly. Even spit in the mouth. I do not eat fruits such as bananas and apples.

Height and weight are above average.

Without eating for about 2 weeks, when you consult with your pediatrician, the doctor says, “If you get hungry, you will eat.”

I think that’s true so I didn’t eat even if I gave up the baby crackers, so I think that this girl really isn’t interested in eating now and watches over.

Then, give a meal once every two days to see the reaction.

If it’s been 7 months, you will start to go high and get hungry, eat something suddenly.

I have a good appetite for 11 months now. Height and weight above average.

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