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When reading aloud picture books is annoying.

When I am cooking, when I am folding the laundry, when my child brings a book that has 100 pages, when I finish my day’s chores, and even when I’m not doing anything, Sometimes I think in my heart that “I don’t want to read aloud now😭”.
However, reading picture books in childcare is equally recommended by all professionals.
Even though it’s such a good thing, sometimes I can’t say “OK” with a smile on the kids. At that time I’m frustrated with the guilt towards the kids⤵️

By the way, my big sister is liked by children for some reason.
Of course, she is loved by my children. I was thinking the reason is that she often play with they. But she tend to be also preferred by the first-time child👀
There was a time when she was accompanied by us to Anpanman Museum.
At that time, an unknown child grabbed her hand and did not release it for a while, and another child was hugging her😳
And I was surprised that she was stroking her child’s head calmly the moment she was hugged!
If I was, I would panic and say, “Where are your dad and mom? Are you lost? Are you okay?”💦
When I asked her, “Why could you do that?” she said “I often get hugged by children I don’t know.”

So, in order to find out why my sister is loved so many children, I watched her in secret while she is playing with my child .
There were two points that left an impression.

① She has no mood and tension is constant
When she pays attention to her children, she never takes a harsh or intimidating attitude.
She only pays attention to what is wrong and then does not dwell on.
Also, when she praises the children, she say “You did great.” with her usual tension and voice.
Always the same, so I thought that the child in contact with her might be relieved 🙂

② Say unpleasant things
She plays hard with her children. However, when she was tired, she told her children to play and said, “No, I will lie down because I am tired.”
At first, the children try to wake her up, but they seem to be satisfied because they are playing enough before that. They lay around with her or started playing alone.
Besides my sister was clearly saying “I don’t do that” for what she didn’t want to do.

I was impressed by her attitude.
In the past, when I was asked to read a picture book by my child, I was forced to read it even during housework or when I was tired.
When I couldn’t have some good prospect or was tired, I tried to say “I ’m sorry, I can’t!”.

My child accepted my offer without any sadness.
I need not to feel down what I couldn’t respond to my child’s request.😄
Why was I so scared to say “no?”🤔? ?

Sometimes I think I want to be alone when I’m raising a child.
But there are many things I want to do so that I won’t regret after 20 years such as Why didn’t I read more picture books ? or I should have hugged more.
I have a mysterious feeling that I want my kids both to grow up early and to stay as kids forever. 🤣

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