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It is kind to children with the world


Heavy rain continues, is there any damage?
Saiyo City suffered heavy damage last year due to heavy rain, and was sad and frightened, making it a very painful year.
I hope this year will have nothing to do with it.

By the way, a lot of people give birth to children after giving birth to their first eyes.
Every time I meet, my neighborhood grew up, how about kindergarten?
It feels like you are watching the growth together, and it is very much appreciated.
When I return home, I often use transportation such as airplanes and ships, but everyone is very kind and helpful.
Of course, I have been told something that I don’t like, but I only remember once or twice a year.
[For example, if you are careful because the child is in the middle of the road and it is obstructing the passage, the mother is cruel to the passing person, and so on]

The other day, when I went to the supermarket with my eldest daughter and my second daughter, my grandfather saw the second girl and told me, “How many months? Cute, right now, it is the best.” I had some conversations, and when I broke up, Grandpa suddenly said.
“The next is to give birth to boys!” !
I know, my grandfather has no nausea at all. There is no deep meaning.
Astonishingly, when I answered, “There are boys,” I went somewhere while saying that there were three children.
It is said that such a thing, some people get hurt,
Isn’t there something that mothers have?
Breastfeeding? milk? You are often asked.

Before birth I did not even know.
I do not have trouble with child care💦😓
Birthing is not something you can definitely do. As it took three months to cry for breastfeeding or milking myself, I can see that there are people who can not easily go out with breastfeeding.
It is hurting that it is pointed out that nothing can be done by self-help efforts.
And more important than anything else.
I also thought that I had to be very careful because there were insane and careless places.

Recently I have been leaving the sea every day to feed on the falcons of sea bream.
Last Sunday, a helpful helper came with me to feed me
A place where casual work is the best fun for children is one of the attractiveness of work involving the sea and fish.
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