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Seaside meeting


The other day we had a meeting with a buyer at a mass retailer about future product development✨
This time I will spell a part of the content.

The vanue is Accommodation, “Seaside Uwakai”, known as one of the best creative restaurants in Mikame town.🌅
According to google teacher, it takes about 25 minutes from Akasaka fishery.
It takes longer than going to Yawatahama😅

This is the actual shortest route✨8 minutes by ship👌!

I took a buyer and headed by ship⛵

We tasted Hakuju Madai, prepared in an environment overlooking Mikame Bay✨
The advantage of white fish is that you don’t get bored with this many items!

sashimi with mentaiko sauce
seared  sea bream with vinegar
Bagna Cauda
white cream sauce pasta
meuniere with balsamic sauce
Grilled sea bream with salt
rice with sashimi
miso soup
Seasonal fruit

The first item is a sashimi. The one on the front side was done Ikijime in the morning of the day, and the back was done Ikijime at 14:00 on the previous day.
We started eating this day around 12 o’clock, so 22 hours have passed since did Ikijime.
This is based on the assumption that customers who have purchased sashimi at mass merchandisers will have dinner❗

When we sell live fish to the market, a large wholesaler begins to do Ikijime fish at around 22:00 and is then delivered to each mass retailer.
After 22 hours, it will be 20:00.
I think that a sticker of roughly discounts is affixed to the sashimi of mass merchandisers during this time🤔
However, if this sashimi is delicious, customers who can eat dinner at a slightly later time will be able to eat deliciously❗

The result!
As you can see in the photo, the transparency remains the same as the morning Ikijime fish⭕

②Crunchy, texture
There was little change. It ’s a level you can’t understand if you do n’t line up⭕

At the buyer ’s recommendation, we ate both with salt, but there was no smell⭕

I felt sweeter and more delicious than morning Ikijime fish⭕
Three buyers were acclaimed that this is more delicious than morning Ikijime fish✨

General comment
Even if you buy it at night, Hakuju Madai is sweet and delicious while leaving transparency and crunchy as the fresh fish💯 No discount seal required!
We will continue to conduct various tests to find the time when the texture and sweetness are the best.

In addition, Shirasu Makoto has no odor even when heated because lipid peroxide is suppressed by the antioxidant effect of sesamin and polyphenols.
The scent of white cream sauce and balsamic sauce didn’t be disturb by the smell of fish, it was very delicious✨
And surely cultured fish!
Even in this early period, Hakuju Madai is a lot of fat!
At the moment I bite Meunier, I was able to immerse myself in a sense of happiness while we were busy😋

Also, a buyer who handles liquor gave us a suggestion, “I think Hakuju is better for white wine than general sea bream🙇‍♂️
When I investigate a little, it seems that wine is not compatible with lipid peroxide, and reacts with iron II ions in wine and lipid peroxide in fish to produce carbonyl compounds that cause raw odor.
Hakuju Madai, which suppresses the generation of lipid peroxides by sesamin’s antioxidant ability, is truly a sea bream that marries with white wine!
Surely, when I ate it, I also wanted to drink chablis🤤(Always wanna)
There seems to be more points to consider about compatibility with white wine!(I want to drink white wine at an expense.)

I also learned a lot of other useful things.
Going forward, we will continue to improve the antioxidant capacity and deliciousness of Hakuju Madai, based on various learnings!
Evolution is the value of aquaculture!

white cream sauce pasta

meuniere with balsamic sauce

rice with sashimi

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