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About my husband

Today is my husband’s birthday🙂
So I would like to introduce him I saw.
I write only good things because of his birthday😂

After all, he is a great hard worker!
He said he would study for a certain qualification, and he studied at 4am every morning for half a year.
Even if he went on a trip with us, he woke up at 4 o’clock and study on McDonald’s.
He was really studying without taking a day off.
Because of that, he passed a qualification exam that was said to take one year to pass.👀
I am weak, so I think my husband’s ability to pass through is really amazing.
When I heard “Why don’t you get frustrated halfway”, he said he enjoyed studying in the field he was interested in.😧

There is one thing I recently thought was great about him.
When I watch a program about marriage, such as a bachelor, my husband working next door also has a glimpse and knows who choosen in the end!
His commentary, “Such a person like this, choose this person” is like a sub-voice and is interesting💕
I do not understand at all. I  like to daydream without thinking of anything. Even if acquaintances and entertainers pass in front of me, I will never notice. When I was a student, I didn’t know who was quarreling and who liked whoI I want to tell me how🤔
I admired that people who understand the sensitivity of people are wonderful.

It may be quite a bit silly, but I feel that my husband has a lot of things that I don’t have and complements me😁

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