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Important notice about the big festival in Mikame Town


Even though it is the early autumn season, the hot days continue.
How are you doing?
On October 19th (Sat), “Gin-chan’s fancy dress contest” will be held, one of the two major events in Mikame town
It will be a great excitement by the costume contest and food festival “Mikameshran”🎉!
Please come to Mikame from 11:00 on Saturday, October 19🙏!

What’s ”Gin-chan”?
I researched the purpose of the contest.
There is a shopping street called “Gintengai” in Mikame.
Gintengai, which flourished by 17,000 townspeople, is losing its momentum as the townspeople decline.
Gin-chan’s fancy dress contest seems to have started with the aim of “Let’s revitalize the Mikame town once again, based on the fun memories of Gintengai!”
This event was launched by several young people.
Last year, which was the first time, by the empathy from the various places, more than 2,000 people gathered in a small town with a population of about 6,000.
The public relations magazine featuring this activity was selected for the National Public Relations Competition.
The public relations magazine Seiyo
Last year, they donated a portion of their profits to areas affected by the heavy rain disaster last year.

The “Gin-chan’s fancy dress contest” will be held again this year with the support of many people and companies!
This year, they will also carry out activities such as photo exhibitions in the affected areas and partial donations of revenue for reconstruction.
The highlight of the event is the costume contest and Mikameshran!

👻The costume contest
The venue will be exciting by a variety of performances by fancy dress participants👯!
The microphone performance of Mr. Nakaoka of Japaharinet will make it even more exciting🎉!
The total prize money is over 200,000 yen✨!
It seems that the number of participants in the contest is limited to the first 24 groups, so if you wish to participate, please apply as soon as possible!

🍣The food festival “Mikameshran”
restaurants in Mikame town will gather and sell their main products🍖!
There are 14 stores, and in addition to that, the Youth League of The Mikame town Society of Commerce and Industry, the Women’s Department of it, and high school students will sell their specialty products!
Please enjoy to eat the selected items while watching the performance by the local organizations called “Mikame Collection”✨!

And there is an important notice from Akasaka Fisheries about Mikameshran
Sushi Izumiya will sell “Hyugameshi of Hakuju Madai” only for 200 meals!
It is usually 1,700 yen.
The price is 500 yen on this day!
Of course, both Izumiya and Akasaka Fisheries have a large deficit😭.
They will close the store at a prosperous timing, and unbelievable deed will be done😵. The price and quantity to prepare are crazy💥。
However, sympathizing with Izumiya’s “I want to support the activities of the youth who thrived the Mikame toen”, Akasaka Fisheries decided to cooperate.
Also, We are very happy that Sushi Izumiya, who prefered natural fish, has chosen Hakuju Madai for the main product of the shop.
To meet that expectation,
We will do my best to further improve the quality of “Hakuju Madai”, the next generation of the sea bream with improved freshness maintaining ability!
“Evolution” is the value of aquaculture!
Thanks in advance.

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