Fishing Village Life

For those who are migrating to Mikame town.


If you are considering moving to Mikame Town, I would like to introduce you to Mikame Town from my perspective.😉

I think that there are a lot of people who are refreshing in Mikame because of the fisherman town.
At first I was confused about speaking anything honestly, but now I feel comfortable because they don’t have ulterior motives.

Population is about 6,700.

There are two traffic lights in the town of about 42 km²🙂.
As big as 7,777 football fields.
There are plenty of restaurants and everywhere is delicious.
Sushi restaurant, Chinese food, yakitori restaurant, cafe(Great for me!), okonomiyaki restaurant, set restaurant, creative cuisine izakaya.
There were so many different restaurants and the quality was quite high, so I was surprised when I was married and came here.

There are A Co-op, Road Station, Family Mart, Y-shop, home center Komeri, and drugstore Seims. There are quite a few, but it is troublesome that  has to go to the next town to buy children’s clothing.🙁

A few years ago, four elementary schools were integrated into one, and there are one junior high school and one high school.
By the way, there are less than 30 classmates of 4 year old daughters and less than 20 classmates of 1 year old daughters. With these members, they spend nine years from elementary school to junior high school.

The village is formed so as to surround the deeply cut Rias coast, so I like the scenery where the sea is within walking distance wherever we live in Mikame🌊.

One of Mikame’s pride, “Okuchi no umi no carnival” (meaning the carnival of the unexplored sea) will be held on August 13⭐️
There are a lot of events(For example, catching flounder, human curling, etc.) from the morning until the night fireworks, which is very exciting😌
The marine fireworks seen from nearby are large and powerful that small children may cry😎
I don’t know if it will open this year, but the shaved ice is fluffy and exquisite👀❤️
Please come to Mikame on this occasion✨

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