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Department store part-time job is useful

I experienced a bread factory, a tavern, tutors, villas, a fast food shop, and a part-time job, and I had a good experience everywhere, but part-time work in department stores is still quite useful.
He talks about 10 years ago, so I think there are places that are quite different.
Please read appropriately that it was like that before😀

The store I was working in was a chain store selling seasonings and liquor, and I worked for six years from April in the first year of university.
I worked in a shopping mall and two department stores during the 6 years, but suppose that the names of the two department stores are A and B.
Considering the location and the brand in each department store, I think that it is officially a store A < a store B.
However, it is the A shop that I was working and was by far the best.

At store A, employee education is thorough, and part-time employees are also regularly trained.
I was taught how to use honorifics, types of water and wrapping paper (we also learned what I can not say here) usage, all kinds of customer service👀
This is still really useful in real life.
In addition, the employees of the department store were also kind, and it was fun to work on the whole floor and the stores working together.😊✨✨

Meanwhile B store.
Speaking only in terms of formalism, it is a place where it may be said that it is Japan’s top class.
Both interior and exterior are fashionable and beautiful compared to store A✨✨
However, there was no training.
Both department store employees didn’t feel as friendly as Store A, and when I was there, there were places where the stores got along well, and places that were not.😅
I think that is normal, but I had to compare it because store A was quite good.

It is different from the above story, but every time the issue of power harassment is taken up in the news, a company that can not take care of working people can take care of customers? Can you increase sales? I think it’s strange.
I wish for the further development of the A store that cherished workers🙌☺️

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