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Is it easy to raise a child, and is it difficult for three children??

The summer vacation finally passed the turning point!
It’s too hot every day, so it’s impossible to park, and it is difficult to go out and pool with 3 infants.
For these reasons, I am generally indebted to the Children’s Center.
Well, it’s hard to be with the three kids all day long, but I personally think that it wasn’t easy when I was raising one child🤔
There seemed to be different difficulties for the first child, the second, and the third.

When I was raising the first child, I was full of my first childcare.
I don’t know unless I check anything.
Everything was experienced for the first time. Even if I was told by my surroundings that I was too nervous or more relaxed, I didn’t know how to adjust it.
There is a lot of time but there is no freedom.
I was worried that my child would cry while shopping.
I put my hand on the child’s mouth over and over again to confirm that she were breathing.

The second child was close to his upper child, so the upper child was said to be sad several times, and I was worried that he would never let the upper child feel lonely.
He was a baby who wakes up every hour until the age of 1 when he was breastfeeding, so I was always lacking sleep.
I had to prepare meals three types of meals for adults, kids, and infants.
Although it was quite hard, I was healed while sleeping with my brother and sister.
And I had experience taking care of the baby, so it was mentally easier than the first child.

I have been called by someone since the third child was born, so I think let me sit for a short time! It ’s difficult to go out😅
what’s hardest is going to the restroom!
When someone have an urge to defecate, we should go to family restroom.Because of the recent hot weather, children are often hydrated with water bottles. so the number of times they go to the restroom also increases.For this reason, we avoid going out to places I am not used to.
Of course, if I leave them somewhere and take care of only one child, it will be very easy.

The hard time was when I took care of my two children at home and was pregnant during my third pregnancy.
Mikame Town has a day-care center that can be used easily.
The teachers look after the children carefully, and the school lunches are reputed to be nutritious and delicious.
Although I was in such a wonderful environment, I didn’t use it almost because I had a strange intention to live the same life as before pregnancy😱It was really stupid💦💦
I tend to think that saving time with childcare is not the top priority, but I feel that it is quite important that the mother can smile.
Not only for raising children, but if there is something difficult, even if you think that there are more difficult people or you are selfish, it will not be easy and nothing will be solved😔
If someone says something, it doesn’t mean that they will live my life on my behalf.
Thinking about how to get out of this situation, I started thinking that it would be better to use something that can be used more and more, eliminate unnecessary things, and just smile.
Actually, it is quite difficult😅
Usually it seems that childcare for three children are more difficult than one child, but I can’t say that from experience.
I felt that hard work is not a quantitative comparison, and the hard work of others can only be understood by that person👀1

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