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The toilet training was finished in 3 days


My eldest daughter is 3 years old and 1 month old, and the eldest son is 2 years old and 7 months old and can’t get diapers early, but the training has ended in 3 days and has failed 10 times since then think.

I got it in no time, so I don’t know exactly what was good or bad.

There are just a few things to keep in mind, though.


①I do not expect to get diapers.

②When they went to bed, I did not get diapers.

③I will never get angry if I fail.


①I do not expect to get diapers.

My eldest daughter, we also did the first toilet training. Somehow it was difficult, even if I became a primary school child, I thought it would be a problem if the children’s self-esteem was damaged but their children’s self-esteem was damaged, though they were sister pants though they were sister pants.

One day, I found a pretty girl’s pants and bought it unintentionally.

I bought my elder sister pants for my eldest daughter-I hope to wear it someday, and it says, “I want to wear it!”

Unexpectedly, the toy tray starts. Until that time I added use in the bathroom, about 2-3 times.

Let’s go to the bathroom-If you succeed, you will understand for yourself somehow.

I am also sad because I can’t wash my pants when I fail. A daughter who works hard.

The eldest son also told me that I’d like to do toilet training if I had a GW from kindergarten, so would you try a little while in the GW? ? And his mother had no motivation at all.

②When they went to bed, I did not get diapers.

Uncomfortable! I thought that it would be useless if I do not understand that, and I could not let it go with the feeling that the bed is also true. I could not wear training pants for the same reason. That said, the training pants were so good that they didn’t leak, and the children didn’t notice that they were out.


③I will never get angry if I fail.

I did not get angry if I failed, because I did not think that I could be diapers from the beginning.

But once, there are some events that have been made.

It is the time of my eldest daughter.

The toilet toilet was successful, but it did not sit well, that day it leaked out of the toilet about three times, and it’s a shame to clean every time. While cleaning up, I said unintentionally “Mom, cleaning is hard!” After that, my daughter and daughter went to the bathroom once every half hour. Of course, nothing goes out. Seeing that I’m angry, it seems that I’m getting quite stressed.

When I apologized saying, “My eldest daughter, I’m working hard on the bathroom but I’m scared. I’m sorry. I’m not going to get mad if I fail.” The number of times I went to the bathroom calmed down from the next day.

My daughter, who was only three years old, has struggled so much though she tried hard to excrete it in the bathroom. The words I say casually have such an effect on my daughter.

I made a serious effort.

Then I decided not to get angry about the />
Toilet training


My eldest son, a Western-style toilet seat, He always got a pee, so I bought a simple toilet seat that he could stand. It is inconvenient that you can not go to the bathroom to get rid of it, but other than that it is comfortable ♪

Simple toilet seat

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