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Origin of Hakuju Madai

“Hakuju Madai” is often asked about the origin of the name.。
As I was embarrassed and unable to convey it, I would like to write the thought that I put in the name along with the circumstances of the birth of “Hakuju Madai”

We have long been told that we want you to brand our sincere adherence to shipping live fish.
However, in order to convey the company philosophy of “to important people”, it was not enough to create branding because it was not enough to be fresh and delicious.
True to want to give to “important person”, what to convey most to “important person”, …, the days that ask myself continued.
What words do you want to convey to your loved ones?


The most important thing I would like to convey to “important people” was “I just want you to stay healthy and live longer.”
Therefore, I wanted to make sincerity of Akasaka Fisheries, who can contribute to the health of important people.
I read the literature and consulted various people to see if there was any way to improve the health benefits of the bonito.
Among them, a person in charge of Chubu Feed suggested using a white sesame seed a unique feed that can be used to store sesamin in the body of a bonito.
It is well known to fishers that the combination of fish and sesame eats the antioxidant effect of sesamin and increases the health benefits.
In addition, the patent literature on Chubu feed provided detailed experimental data that actually indicated that sesamin was accumulated in the real carp.
I agreed with this proposal and started the development test of Hakuju Madai .

Hakuju Madai the water

What I want to convey to “important people” is “I just want you to stay healthy and live longer.”
To this conclusion, I think that the presence of my wife, children, parents, and grandfather who created Akasaka Fisheries, who died the other day, was great.
When I decided to quit a big company seven years ago and work in the family business, it was my grandfather who was most pleased.
At this time my grandfather was already 85 years old, but he is on duty for crepe fishing in the active duty, and in the sea he taught me strictly that I should be alone.
At night, they surrounded the mahjong table together and fish from the distance took us to a delicious restaurant.
Such a chance has decreased after my child was born and my grandfather returned the driver’s license, but every time I go home, my grandfather living in my neighborhood walks, and I love the children very much. It was told.
The children are also grandfathers, and the 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son still talk about their grandfathers.
My grandfather was hospitalized with lung cancer at the beginning of 2019.
Because I was a grandfather who had been fishing for active duty until just before, I thought that I would return well.
Therefore, until my grandfather closed his life in May 2019, I could not convey the desire to live longer on the face.

Grandfather and youngest childMadai Hakuju maintains the freshness and health of everyone with the power of “white” sesame sesamin.
Also, as you know, “Hakuju”(白寿) is a word unique to Japan’s longevity, celebrating the age of ninety-nine who subtracted “one”(一) from “one hundred”(百).
The negative aspect is tended to be taken up about the aging society, but seven years with the grandfather who exceeded the life expectancy become an invaluable memory, I can live in Japan where important people live long I think that is very wonderful.
Akasaka Fisheries named “Hakuju Madai” the true sincerity of our health-enhancing effect so that we can convey the wish that we want you to be healthy forever for the important people of you.
Madai Hakuju logo

We will continue to further improve the “antioxidant ability” and “health effect” of Hakuju Madai and offer it at an affordable price so that it can be easily eaten by “important people”.

Akasaka Fisheries

Ryūtarō Akasaka

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