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Great Enemy. A crisis of attacking Akasaka Fisheries

The frost was over, and it was warm and warm.How are you all spending?

By the way, Akasaka Fisheries carries out aquaculture in Mikame Bay in Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture.

In the heavy rain disaster that hit western Japan last year, Seiyo City suffered great damage.
Although there was heavy rain in this fiscal year but there was little damage and I was relieved, one phone call from the president when working in the aquaculture area around 5 am

“Because you can not go to the farm because of the landslide, come and pick me up with a boat!”

The site is a road not 10 meters from the Akasaka Fisheries office.

shuki Landfall


The landslide (red marker) completely blocked the road connecting the village with the Akasaka Fisheries office (green marker) and the farm (blue marker).
As a result, many of the employees went to work by ship today.
Fortunately there were no victims, but it will take a while for the road to be restored.
In addition to heavy rainfall, many natural disasters such as typhoons and red tides hit farmers.
Due to the influence of last year, a warning was issued frequently this year, and I felt honestly annoyed, but I was informed that I was a major enemy.
From now on, we will work with care.

We will introduce another threat.
Please look at the video shot near the aquaculture cage.
Could you understand?
According to the photographer, it is said that there is 6m in length.
Damage such as cage production has not been reported, but it seems to cause serious damage such as being able to eat a wire mesh in aquaculture of tuna.
Please be careful when swimming as well.

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