We will exhibit at the 17th Seafood Show Osaka!

Akasaka Fisheries Co., Ltd. began selling own brand fishes such as “Hakuju madai which is a red sea bream maximized freshness maintenance ability” and “Yokozuna Hirame which is a flounder Stuck to Safety, Beauty and Thickness” in 2019.
To spread their charms, we will be exhibiting their at the 17th Seafood Show Osaka, the largest marine product exhibition and business meeting in western Japan, to be held from February 19, 2020 (Wednesday) at the ATC Hall.

17th Seafood Show Osaka

Hakuju Madai is a brand fish that is constantly evolving, incorporating new technologies and management methods to maximize the freshness maintenance ability of the red sea bream.
In this seafood show, we will show you the mature red sea bream that is finished with Tsumoto’s ultimate blood removal.
We prepare free samples and wait for you at our exhibition booth!

Article at the 21st Japan International Seafood Show

There might be a surprise concerned “Umi”! ?